Location: St. Barths

Today was epic. It started out as I awoke our valiant crew with the song of humpback whales, a CD Ocean Star recently acquired courtesy of one of her many admirers throughout our journey this summer. Once out of their bunks, the crew made their way up on deck and greeted St Barths with their sleepy smiles. We enjoyed warm baguettes and Pain au Chocolat as the main street, which were docked alongside, came alive. After breakfast clean up, everyone quickly packed up the beach gear and jumped in our sweet rental van, which we named Big Bird. Next stop, Anse de Cayes, the sweet little surf spot that the Ocean Star crew has been a frequent visitor at over the years. The day was spent playing in the sand and surf, cheering each other on catching waves, smashing open coconuts and napping in the shade. Although we may be amateurs, in our minds, we were professional surfers as almost everyone managed to catch at least one wave. We lunched on fresh baguettes, delectable prosciutto, coppola, and salami, and of course, some stinky French cheeses. In my mind, one of the most stellar days of the trip so far! Now we’re back on board with dinner complete and shipmates settling in the salon for a seamanship lesson with Captain Kris. With every passing day comes another awesome adventure, such as diving St. Barths tomorrow! Au revoir!