Location: Underway to the Azores

Following another gorgeous sunset, members of Argo experienced a calm night surrounded by bioluminescence in Argo’s wake. Those awake at 4 am got to witness the first signs of light as the sun rose earlier and the days continued to get longer. This 4th of July was our sunniest day yet on passage, with a slight breeze to keep us cool enough to enjoy the day’s events. Before lunch, a few dolphins stopped by to play in Argo’s wake, seemingly enjoying their time while providing joy for many of us onboard. Soon after, we all enjoyed some delicious fried rice for lunch, followed by some refreshing otter pops, and the afternoon consisted of classes in oceanography and seamanship. Soon before dinner, the wind died off, providing a mesmerizing, glassy, jello-like sight in the water. The water continues to get calmer and display different variations of its beauty. Dinner consisted mostly of burgers and hot dogs, which were enjoyed by many while witnessing another stunning sunset to end the day.