Location: BVI

Hi Everybody! Today was crazy. We left Soper’s Hole at noon and set sail for Virgin Gorda, a four-hour sail that covered around 25 miles. Everyone got into the swing of things very quickly, learning how to raise and lower sails and tack while underway. We anchored in Savannah Bay and piled into a dinghy to go aboard Ocean Star for a swim test. Four laps around the boat, no touching or holding on, and then ten minutes treading water. Anyone who failed would be fed to the Kraken, but luckily, no one did, so we avoided that mess. After a quick ocean shower and dinner, those of us who are learning to dive for the first time went over to Ocean Star for our first class. There was an hour-long video on diving, a review, and then a quiz. I’d say we all had a good time and helped each other learn the material, and then we got to see the inside of Ocean Star and compare it to our own ship, the Firebolt. After the class, we started our anchor watch rotations. The night was peaceful, and the stars were out no Krakens in sight.