Location: Passe Toahotu, Tahaa, French Polynesia

Yesterday we arrived in Tahaa and spent the night in our original anchorage, but unfortunately, we had to move Argo to get better diving locations. The students taking PSCT were then tasked with charting a new course to a better mooring position. After a good night’s rest and a beautiful sunrise, the PSCT students began moving the boat (with professional supervision, of course) to a better mooring spot. Breakfast was cooked by our wonderful chefs, Carolyn, Sara, and Taylor. After filling up on eggs, sausage, and potatoes, the open divers headed into the water via a boat entry for their first open water dive! Certified divers had free time. Many people then worked on Marine Biology homework, did laundry, or caught up on sleep. Such activities were interrupted intermittently by a pod of Spinner dolphins jumping and swimming nearby. When the open divers returned, we had a wonderful lunch of coconut soup, which consisted of coconut milk, rice noodles, garlic, bamboo shoots, and spices. The weather was windy, and the sun was fighting to stay out all day, so soup was a welcomed warm meal. After lunch, the certified divers had the opportunity to go on a fun dive. Some students saw eels, while many saw the fish we have been studying in Marine Biology. Once dives were over, there was more free time for everyone to do work, clean, or hang out on the deck. The PSCT students sat with Jim before dinner and learned the basics of celestial navigation, which was incredibly cool and about as complicated as I originally imagined. For dinner, we had a plethora of yummy leftovers to choose from that ranged from lentil soup to mac & cheese. After cleaning up, we have a Marine Biology class where we will have our first Fish ID quiz.

Today was the first day where the adrenaline from the first week was visibly gone, and we, students, were finally falling into our normal schedule. While the excitement for what lies ahead still remains, it’s becoming clear that we are getting used to living together harmoniously. Tomorrow we are off to the main town of Raiatea to search for snacks, Wi-Fi, and unique island experiences.

Special shoutout to Bridgette and Julia. Diving isn’t the same without you!! Wishing love and relaxation to everyone back home,

Margaret Dupree

Lindsay here (blog supervisor and Marine Biology instructor): The crew of Argo would like to wish all the fathers that helped get us to where we are a very happy Father’s Day! We know that we wouldn’t be here without youa special shoutout to my own dad, Peter. I love you so much!