Location: Colon, Panama

This morning started off with a last-minute sunrise study session for our marine bio exam followed by some freshly baked bread for breakfast… delicious. After breakfast, we went in small groups to the marina mini-mart to restock our personal snack supply as well as some more studying. After lunch, we took our first marine biology exam and then headed back on land for some leadership exercises and some pick-up soccer. Natalie set the tone early by sacrificing her body to save a couple of balls from going out of bounds, while Niko used his D1 volleyball skills to lead his watch team to 105 consecutive ball taps without it hitting the ground. It was looking promising for watch team one to be the second team to make it to 105 until Felipe got distracted by a big white fluffy dog. Sam and Frankie were caught crying in the kitchen while chopping up some onions for dinner but quickly made up for it with a plentiful amount of hot dogs. After dinner, Felipe and Nick called a team meeting to discuss a possible vacation week after day 90 in French Polynesia. Many cool activities and ideas filled our heads without much of a consideration for funds. Everyone was so keen on the idea of maybe going surfing or renting a few small dinghy sailboats that we think it may be worth sacrificing a couple of meal dollars. All we know is that whatever happens, we’ll be with some cool people in a very cool place. In the meantime, we are awaiting Renee’s much-anticipated history of the Panama canal exploitation presentation before we start our final preparations to for our trek through the canal tomorrow morning. Signing off.

Crew of Argo

P.S. Hi Mom