Location: Vaaredhdh Falhu

Greetings to all reading,

Before I give a full recap of the day, shout out to all of those that participated in my wake-up scheme. As skipper today, I had the privilege of wake-up duty, which I most certainly took advantage of. I wanted to download Gorilla noises to blast on my Beats Pill but forgot to ask Tom for hotspot access in time. Instead, I recruited Noah, Seth, Max, Fin, Robbie, and Zac to help me record a soundtrack of the same caliber. We ended up recording a 60-second passage of primitive ape noises and kiwi birds. It was hysterical, and even better was–come morning–watching everyone quickly transition from sleep to a state of pure confusion and concern while I roamed the cabin hallways with my speaker.

After wake up, Sam and Valentina cheffed up some delicious french toast for breakfast, accompanied by a tasty fruit salad, all of which was eaten down below due to a spontaneous squall that hit our location. After breakfast, we proceeded onto Oceanography class, where we took our first class quiz and then were refreshed on water’s make-up and overall significance within our environment. I can’t put a finger on exactly what it was, but something about having Oceanography in the morning was very pleasant. Twenty minutes later, we had Oceanography. We had our final Seamanship class, where we went over safety procedures and logistics. Directly following class, we were finally joined by our new staff members Smudge and Jess. Shout out to them for being resilient enough to make the trek here, considering the complications. We’re all extremely excited to welcome them into the family and get to know them better.

Next came lunch. Amy, Sam, and Valentina prepared us some salad bowls with rosemary bread rolls. Following lunch, a crew of a few divers, including Noah, Trey, Zac, and Fin, went for a quick dip not far from Vela. During their dive, Robbie, Angie, and I stayed back and finally did some laundry. The rest of the crew either chilled, watched Pirates of the Caribbean on Lucia’s laptop, or did some work. Chess games were also in abundance today, per usual.

Dinner followed, where we’re treated to bowtie pasta, soup, and cheesy bread, which really hit the spot. Dinner came to an end, which signified squeeze time. I had been struggling to come up with a sufficient squeeze question all day but ended up deciding on one last second. I asked everyone which of their body parts they would converse with (granted the opportunity) and what they would say. I appreciated the fact that everyone actually gave this question the time of day as it was mostly on-site and comical. After the squeeze, we cleaned up and proceeded onto Marine Bio, in which we created and scribed agendas for improving our environment in the wake of watching “A Life On Our Planet,” David Attenborough’s witness statement.

Overall, it felt like a super balanced day with plenty of both productivity and relaxation. It’s pretty crazy. It has already been about a month, and we’re all looking forward to the days and weeks to come as always.




1. Noah free diving

2. Dylan in the sunset

3. Hanging out

4. Laundry time with Robbie and Angie

5. Set, Max, Dylan, and Mo