Location: Barcelona, Spain

Today was one to remember. This fantastic day started with a hearty breakfast of melon, eggs, and bell peppers. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this breakfast gave the crew the much-needed energy for the long day ahead. Thanks, Wiggy! After our meal, the crew walked through the streets of Barcelona for the first time as one giant group. We were headed to a bike tour shop in the Historic Gothic Quarter neighborhood of Barcelona. Many staff and crew stopped in some of the numerous bakeries and coffee shops we saw on the way for a quick taste of Barcelona. Once we finally made it to the bike shop, we split up into two groups, and our journey through the city began. We got to see the beach, La Sagrada Famlia, La Catedral, and numerous other historic buildings and streets. The most impressive today was La Sagrada Famlia. Absolutely breathtaking. The day was hot, and the bike ride was tiring, but luckily, we packed salami and turkey sandwiches that held over our hunger until the bike tour was over. Once we got back to the shop, the crew split up, and we were able to explore the city on our own. There are no words to describe the quality of food that Barcelona has to offer. After we split up, two other crew members and I went on a hunt for food. The first thing I bought was un Bocadillo de Pollo (chicken sandwich). I believe that this was the best chicken sandwich I have ever consumed in my life. All the ingredients were right in front of my eyes, and I witnessed the spiced chicken go straight from the refrigerated display to the griddle. It was complemented by a loaf of bread and a plethora of condiments. What an amazing sandwich. Best way to spend 4.5 Euros if that’s what you’re looking for. Next, I went to a Turkish restaurant down the street and had a chicken and beef kebab that was also very delicious. Prior to making our way back to the boat, we did some more walking around and stopped by the best gelato shop we have come across yet. It’s called Swiit, and it’s owned by a married couple, a man from Sardinia and a woman from the United States. We headed back to the boat for squeeze, something we do every night before dinner as a whole crew. Everyone holds hands in a big circle, and each person has to say what they appreciated from the day and answer a daily question that the skipper has to come up with. Today’s question was: Name a moment during the last 22 days where you saw someone, crew or staff, go out of their way to perform an act of kindness. After the squeeze, we had a sign-out night, and I was accompanied at dinner by seven other crew members. Emmalee, Jackie, Natalie, Tait, Lex, Jonas, and Jake. We decided to try out a Tapas/Paella restaurant, and we ordered a LOT of food. Personally, I went for Paella Bogavante. Again, like all the other food, it was absolutely amazing. To end the night, I went to the fair across from Argo and rode the Ferris wheel with a good friend. In my personal opinion, day 22/90 was the absolute best one so far. It included food, biking, ice cream, sightseeing, and most importantly, I got to share it with my crewmates. Me encanta Barcelona!

Pictured: Beach of Barcelona; Gaud Fountain; La Sagrada Familia; La Catedral; La Plaza Santa Jaume; Gelato.

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