Location: Guadeloupe

Argo finds herself anchored off the coast of Guadeloupe, about one mile from Ilets a Goyaves or the Pigeon Islands. After a nice evening out last night, we woke up around 0730 to finish preparing for the twenty-mile passage from Terre-de-Haut. Once the sails were set, we enjoyed a nice underway lunch, reminiscent of our days on passage across the Atlantic. Zack and I, as the days’ Bosun and skipper, headed up the passage and save a few speed bumps here and there, managed to move the boat safely to our second-to-last stop of this incredible journey. With the help of an eager and able crew, I believe anybody can lead them to greatness. History has taught us that the leaders who are remembered would be nowhere to be found in our textbooks or stories without the people whom they led, and that’s what makes Argo so amazing – it brings people from many different backgrounds under one roof to become a great team, one way or another. Just to show how much this concept truly lives within the fabric of Sea|mester, the following is an excerpt from my personal journal entry from day one of the program:

“…I boarded this vessel as simply a cog in the twenty-six-person machine that is her crew. Each and every cog has its own intricate design, which, from an engineering standpoint, is not the best-case scenario. That being said, I’m a firm believer in the notion of diversity affording an ‘x-factor’ to any team working towards a common goal. In every possible way, I can see the winds changing from my vantage point.”