Location: MD

Argo was my haven. She sailed me safely through squalls, sheltered me from the stressors of everyday life on land, and shielded me from a pandemic. Although Ive left the comfort of her loving, rocking hull, and land officially blocks my sunset, she still brings me comfort in this crazy world, Ive abruptly come back to. Thank you, Argo.

While life on Argo was far superior to life at home in quarantine, Ive realized, Argo prepared me to survive the Q. Thanks to the long passages she carried us on, I know how to provision so that my family can stay safe and not have to go to the grocery store for weeks. And make bread! By crossing the prime meridian, the equator, celebrating Valentines day and birthdays and nautical mile markers, she taught me how to keep days from blending together by making holidays, the start of the month, taco Tuesday, and even just 5 pm a bigger celebration than it needs to be. As cheesy as it sounds, from being on watch, eating on deck, and doing our jobs rain or shine, she taught me to dance in the rain (pictured above).

What she couldnt prepare me for, is staying 6 feet away from everyone since that was unheard of on a 112-foot schooner.

To my 28 friends who became family I miss you weirdos not being able to get more than 112 feet from me no matter how hard you tried. You guys brought me more joy than I knew I was possible. Im already counting down until PSCT people become captains, and we can all charter a boat together and go on the coolest reunion trip there ever was.

To you lucky duckies still aboard Argo and Mimi,

Save me some rust to bust. According to my calculations, if I dont stop to sleep, I should finish swimming back to you in just under 200 days. Also, in the wise words of Captain Tim, thank you for showing me what it means to live on purpose, what passion looks like, and how cool you can make your life. Yall are the most rad people I know, and I look up to all of you. See you soon. (Please put a pillow cover on the kinchrome in preparation for my arrival).

P.S. To those of you reading this in preparation for making Argo the best home youve ever had the main staysail preventor is the Aniston line. Feel its power. The mainsail preventor is the big ole swirly whirly. Avoid feeling its power at all costs.