Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Last night’s passage was great. We enjoyed a pleasant but slightly rolley downwind sail from Barbuda to St. Barths. The sky was also really dark, with a few bolts of lightning thrashing off in the distance. We reached the Southwest coast of St. Barths just after Sunrise and dropped our sails as we motored toward the port of Gustavia. Here, we dropped anchor and enjoyed breakfast. Everyone worked hard on the Boat Appreciation while I went ashore with Megan and Sarah to do some provisioning. We moved Ocean Star onto the dock in front of the Town Hall, enabling us to really understand the scale of the Mega Yachts docked opposite us. The afternoon was free time to explore Gustavia, call home with Thanksgiving wishes, and enjoy a freshwater shower. We met back on board to squeeze in at 17h30 and then headed to La Gamelle for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious with a goat’s cheese salad, turkey, sweet potato mash, and ice-cream cake.