Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today was so full of adventures that I had to keep asking people to remind me of everything we did so I could write about it tonight. Our morning started early and similarly to yesterday by packing our lunches at breakfast. After breakfast, we headed off to the Island to meet our tour guides. I was in a van with six other students and our extremely knowledgeable tour guide, Armstrong. We drove around Dominica, getting a better feel for the island and its people, and learning about history as we went. The first event after a quick stop in town was to start our fruit tour. My friends and family from home can attest that I VERY rarely eat fruit, but I ate my way through every fruit insight.

Armstrong stopped at local fruit stands, and we got to try guavas, mangos, papaya, coconuts, cashews, limes, breadfruit, cinnamon bark, star fruit, passion fruit, genips and so many more. It was a very cool feeling to pick something off the tree, cut it open with a pocketknife, and eat it. The fruit we ate was easily the freshest I’ve ever had, and it has forever spoiled my fruit-eating experience back home. During the fruit tour, we stopped at a house where they were cooking breadfruit, but the main attraction was the five four-week-old puppies. We all went a little crazy. We saw one puppy, and most of us freaked out, but then suddenly, there were four more, and it was too much! Lots of pictures with tiny puppies were taken. By this time, it felt like we had already done so much, but our day was really just beginning. We stopped at a beach and played in the waves, trying to body surf, then we piled back into the van and headed to a famous spot known as the Emerald Lake. It was a beautiful swimming hole at the base of a small waterfall, and the water and pond looked of crystal clear emerald. Personally, I didn’t think the day could get any better by this point, but it did. It got so much better.

We finished the day by climbing the Trafalgar Falls. We began with a short hike to an amazing lookout point where we could see the two huge waterfalls, and at that point, Armstrong made it clear that we’re going up. Through careful footwork and lots of sliding on our butts, we got to about the middle of this waterfall where hot springs pour off the side of the rock face. It was the coolest feeling to have hot water pouring over my head while sitting in a rock pond of cold water under a waterfall. It was easily one of my favorite parts of the Seamester trip thus far. This trip has been exceptional because every day, I find myself thinking today was my favorite day, only to have it topped by the next one. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!