Location: Guadeloupe

Yo-yo yo this is Lil’Aik’s on the OG mic,
This mornin’ we had some b-fast from Abby, which was far from shabby
After my mornin’ grub, it was time to hit the books, reviewing the notes and lectures, those second looks.
Filled with knowledge in my brain, my stomach was empty and going insane!
Lunch was just what I was craving for, a pasta salad; in fact, I still want some more!
Then we went divin’ all day, and I was in Britt’s group, O HAY!
With all our gear on, my personal buddy Britt and I were in the water and gone.
Down, down the deep blue sea, we got to chill out with all the animals and take selfies!
A very personal pic with Jacques Cousteau, that famous marine conservationist y’ know!
Back on the stunning Argo for our showers, we even got passage prep done with the group’s powers!
Abby and her cooking team were chefing away, helping Rachel make her Passover meal for today.
Rachel gave us the 411 on how a Seder is done, drinkin fake wine, and eating Matzah was very fun!
Helen, Josh, Abby, and Rachel have that Jewish swagger; they read dat Hebrew like Mick Jagger!
Now we’re about to review for our marine bio final; we’re are all going to ace it, no denial!
With only eight days left, dis was a good one indeed, chillin’ with the mah homies and feelin’ free.