Location: 24 15.82'S 52 27.14

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am settling into this next passage with very little difficulty so far. My Watch Team was fortunate to start with the 4-8 AM Watch, which allowed us to start the cycle well-rested and relaxed. Today my job is being the skipper, which is why you’re reading a blog post written by me. Tomorrow I am one of Jonluc’s sous chefs, so if you have any tips about how to make Huevos Rancheros–or what that is–and chicken pad thai, please call the boat’s sat phone to let me know. You can see the photo below of me on the helm; as you can see, Dad, I am not wearing my prescription glasses, instead opting for my contacts per your instructions. Other than that, I am still merrily on a boat that is sailing in an ocean; not much has changed.

Dear Moms and Dads,

Today was a very exhilarating day aboard Argo. First, Claire Maco was serenaded at 4 AM to celebrate her birthday by both Watch Team 1 and Watch Team 2. After everyone got some sleep, Claire was again sung to during lunch. I am writing this entry prior to dinner, so perhaps she will even be sung to for a third time before you have read it. While the first few days of passage had been relatively calm, which meant that we did not have any sails up, we were thrust into an All Hands On Deck situation right before class started in order to raise four sails. This surprising development both delayed today’s classes (Seamanship and Marine Bio) and prevented everyone from getting the beloved nap within the 2-6 window that we have grown so accustomed to. Even more excitingly, we have crossed the 5000-mile mark since Darwin (with Mikaela and Charlotte at the helm)! Several people on Watch Team 3 took credit for being at the helm, which probably is the reason for Watch Team 1 needing to straighten us back on course once Watch Team 3 was relieved. Jules was our head chef today and is pictured with her Stromboli, which turned out excellently. It was a true team effort in the galley, with Lindsay having to be bread-signaled in to save Eric’s pizza dough-making fiasco, and the chefs had to work through the class to make sure dinner was out on time. Tonight’s squeeze question will be “What would be your last meal on Earth,” leaving the possibility for future meals to be consumed en route to or on the moon, and especially pertinent distinction given the Argonaut’s obsession with the moon. As Mikaela’s photo shows, we were approaching a weather system around 7 PM, so hopefully, tonight’s watches won’t be too wet!

When asked for an update for their parents, George said, “Hi Mom,” and Grace said, “I don’t know.”

Until I am skipper again,