Location: Nice, France

The day was scattered with the arrival of students fresh from hostels or not so fresh from flights. Everybody got unpacked, settled in, and explored their new homes. The last Argonaut arrived just before dinner, so we spent the day enjoying free time; – reading, napping, exploring, napping, buying important supplies (chocolate), and did I mention napping? Resident galley wiz-kids Mike (Mate) and Sam (Captain) prepared a delicious, delightful pasta dinner which we devoured eagerly, with only minimal sauce stains on shirts. We also had our first Squeeze (group talk before dinner in which the skipper poses a question which is then answered by each person around the circle) and found out unusual facts about each other in the process. The first clean-up went smoothly and painlessly and was followed by a short meeting in which the staff gave a brief introduction, information about themselves, and some guidelines. Then there was free time for exploring and showers on shore before bed. Everyone’s a little tired and getting to know each other, so Argo is fairly quiet still, but judging by the laughter during a few games of cards and dinner, I feel confident that this is going to be a happy, tight-knit group. Excited? I think so!