Location: Floating offshore of the Saints

Today we woke up to a brand new day in the Saints. The aftermath of the Amazing Race is as follows: 1) Carley got her shoes back. They are currently residing in their proper home underneath the stairs. 2) Clues are still attached to the crow’s nest and random locations across the boat. We should probably finish the race at some point (Spoiler: Green’s clue was hidden with the provision supplies!) 3.)Emma considered returning Red’s clues after the ransom failed to work… currently negotiations are afoot 4.) Casey and the police are tight friends, and whenever we need an escort, we just need to ask 5.) The yellow team (aka Team Seacat) has a definite fan base on the island, including an Italian priest, British tourists and a French native and 6.) Everyone was pretty exhausted today from running around the island and procrastinating their biology literary reviews. (Joking- we are a responsible lot and just needed to revise our papers.) Today we were a very studious bunch, working on our papers and diving for research projects. In between the studying, breaks were taken to preserve our sanity. Sword fights with noodles, wifi access, and games were our choice activities. Peanut butter cookies appeared- it is amazing to see people transform into cookie monsters right before your eyes. The research dive went splendidly- the group was able to explore the wreck and collect sediments! Now the only part left is analyzing!

Today was mostly recovering from the aftermath of the race, but more exciting adventures are sure to come!
Tune in next time for more wacky adventures!
P.S As a fun puzzle, try to identify the fish in the pictures! The answers will be revealed in time!