Location: Spanishtown, B.V.I

The bond between our crew is now strengthened with the introduction of our newest crew member, Kevin the coconut. Today, the crew traveled from Mountain Point to Spanish Town and The Baths. Once we arrived and dropped anchor, we were off with some dives. The Open Water class, taught by Jess, had their first open water dive, and the remaining crew that had already been certified had their first fun dive. Amazing colors and amazing new creatures were waiting to be seen by the divers. There were fan corals and neon bluefish, a friendly moray eel, and some trumpet fish. After the dives, the crew set to motor and went around to the location of The Baths. Captain Kevin gave us a brief but very interesting account of the history of the Baths that included Black Beard, the pirate, and a dark history of slavery. Armed with this new knowledge, we dropped anchor just off this historic site. We were required to swim from the dinghy to shore. The Baths are an amazing place of rock mazes and small tidal pools. There was a lot of climbing, swimming, jumping, and smiles to be had. These days are flying past us, and we are learning so much!