Location: Antigua

Wooooo!!!! Another splendid day living on Argo. I woke up today at promptly 6:55, waking everyone up at 7 with my “GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING.” Emma and I went swimming and did the last martingale jumping of our voyage. It started raining right before breakfast came on deck, so most sat in the salon waiting it out. I did some dancing and free diving! After a lovely crumble breakfast made by Claire, we started the FIRST EVER IN SEAMESTER HISTORY “third” student-led passage. A quick 20 minutes later, our passage to Slipway had concluded. During the passage DeMop, Ellie, Zoe, and I explored the engine room. We crawled to places we didnt even know existed. A smashing time if I do say so myself.

Might even rival the laz for my favorite spot on the boat. Once we docked, “Messy,” BA began. Every inch was scrubbed and wiped down. I was part of the laz squad (Will, Emma, DeMop, Katie, Elisabeth, Tim, and Amanda Cole). We emptied, cleaned, and refilled the laz with loads of dive equipment, sail covers, and more. For lunch, we had delicious pad thai. The tofu was on point. After lunch, we got back to cleaning Argo. This time, I was in the head bilges with Golden and Claire. We got very soapy, and it was quite a challenge, but eventually, we got it done. I did several odd jobs following that “experience” for other groups, such as putting on sail covers, cleaning PFDs, helping with the main bilge, and finding Ben’s tiny yellow bucket. Argo is looking so clean, possibly the cleanest she has ever looked. In the evening, between BA and dinner, we had some free time. Several people went on shore for the showers, David went for a run, a few wrote cards, and I packed. It may be a bit early, but I like to get ahead and have a more relaxed time later. For dinner, the cooking crew made chicken, mushrooms, and plantains. Tonight, for our squeeze question, I said, “Picture yourself talking with a family member or friend after the trip and them asking you to share your thoughts/experience about Seamester in 3 words or well” Everyone had a good answer. Some said a three-word sentence, while others gave three separate words. I said, “I loved everything.” Right after the squeeze, we had cake! I am not completely sure why, but cake is cake, I suppose. All in all, a great day. I think everyone will sleep soundly tonight.

I love Seamester so much. Everything about it: thank you to everyone who helped get these 26 individuals on board. Everyone adds to the experience in a positive way, and it would not have been the same without them.

Special shoutout to Nat!!! She is now a PADI Divemaster!!! wowowow, yay, nat!
Also, I swam with a bunch of tarpons last night, and Freddie now owes me because he bet I couldn’t touch one.

Signing off one last time,
Will Nak
woof woof woof

Hi Mom, Dad, and Kate!
Thank you for everything. See you soon! Please give Pip, Stormy, and Poppy lots of scratches and pets for me.

AB+B always