Location: Underway to Bermuda

I learned a lot in school today. So much learning. Crew = smart.

I woke up this morning to find that Mackenzie and Smash had both shaved triangles into their heads in honor of entering the Bermuda Triangle. Today for lunch, chefs Charlie and Meghan whipped up some veggie chili in a pot, and despite having lost some of the rice, it was still some solid chili. After lunch, we had oceanography and leadership, and everyone attended, and no one was missing from class. After class, watch team 2 had watch while the rest of us had some free time.

Right before dinner, some of the boys caught a big Mahi Mahi for their project, which they are going to start dissecting after cleanup to investigate how much plastics they find in the stomach contents of fish. For dinner, Charlie and Meg made risotto, pineapple, and garlic bread, which was also very good. For our squeeze question, I asked if you were to go on a cruise ship with five celebrities, who would they be? There was a wide range of answers, ranging from Kate Upton to Danny Devito to Andy Samberg to Barack Obama, but it was interesting hearing everyone’s answers.

Tonight, my watch team has the 8:00 pm to 12:00 am watch, so I will catch you guys later!! L8r

Photo 1: Dre and Anthony holding the Mahi Mahi.
Photo 2: The sunset during dinner!
Photo 3: Ethan, me, and Jordan doing dishes after dinner.