Location: Les Saintes

After our breakfast today we tried something new. We all got together on shore and had a very interesting Biology class in a French caf, instead of the usual class on board. It was a nice change of scenery. After our science class the crew had shore time where a few other crew members and I enjoyed some French ice cream. It has been, by far, the best ice cream I’ve eaten on the whole trip. It was made at home by the women who owned the store and let me tell you something, she knows how to make ice cream. This made my day. After shore time we came back to the great Ocean Star and got our snorkel gear out. We went to the wreck site that was planned for our night dive to gather information on the landscape. Most of the crew went and we had a blast practicing our free diving techniques and checking out the life surrounding the boat wreck. We came back for dinner and then after we ate, we got our scuba gear on and set out to do our very first night dive! When we dove down under we saw so much amazing luminescence in the phytoplankton. I really had a great time going under at night and seeing all the different the critters that came out. Very nice!