Location: Underway to Brazil

Today was a calm day, a day of relaxing and preparations for the exams and essays that will come in the following days. Watch team 1 was lucky enough to start the day with a sunrise and stories from elder Gabe on the 4-8 am. We had a full English brunch for lunch, a lot of toast, sausages, bacon, some beans, etc. Very good. In Oceanography class today, we discussed seawater which was oceany. Followed by a Leadership story about Sir Ernest Shackleton and how he saved his crew. Most of our free time today was spent studying for our exam tomorrow, writing a literature review paper due in 2 days, or procrastinating and finding odd jobs around the boat to do to avoid the looming workload. Dinner was coconut rice bowls with lots of toppings. Tonight we discussed the best animal to have as a domesticated pet. It turned to dragons and dinosaurs faster than I thought it would. Time is flying by passage, but we always have some time to think about our loved ones back home. Contact you in Brazil – hope you’re doing great, Feline, Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister.
-Gabe D