Location: Statia

Today, started off with a variety of muffins, cereal, oatmeal, and delicious southern grits. The crew had an adventurous dive planned ahead but not until Laurie’s, “Yay science!” Class was taught. Afterwards, study and free time was given to some of the crew while DM’s had their final exam to finish. Lunch was served with pizza bread and a few precious left over’s from the night before. Overall it was a delicious meal the chiefs pulled off for the crew. We then started to lower Exy and Irving into the water and geared up for our dive by getting ready to put the dive gear in the dinghies. The Charlie Brown, a 300ft cable ship wreck was awaiting Ocean Stars skillful divers. We were split up into two groups and taken down 100 feet for an epic tour through Charlie Brown’s Hull as the ship was laid on its starboard side. The current ripping over the superstructure provided an unusual challenge for the divers. Arriving back safely on Ocean Star around 3:30 we had free time for the Dive Masters and Rescue divers to go over their finals (we all successfully passed!). The chiefs then moved on to prepare another tasty meal while the crew geared up for another student led sail to Saba tomorrow!!! setdate:2012-11-26