Location: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

First things first, I was awoken at sometime-around-when-I-was-not-supposed-to-get-up to the sound of Avery saying, “There are people trying to sleep” (Thanks Bella and Julie, for that). Little did I know at the time this would be the perfect way to wake everybody else up for the start of the day. I’m sure everybody enjoyed it as much as I did, especially Avery. After a great breakfast of eggs and hash-browns by today’s chefs, we had an amazing clean-up (It was really fun with lots of singing and dancing). After a very hype clean up we had marine biology about estuaries and how there formed and their salinity contents and how animals survive with high and low salinity (It was fun too), but I threw Brian a lollipop without Amanda knowing, so that was cool. Guess you know now. Whoops, sorry, Amanda. Then the cooking day began. Half of us went to a cooking class on the southern coast of Meloneras at Green Point Cooking Academy. We made papas arrugadas with Mojo Rojo sauce, gazpacho, and paella. The meals were amazing. There were smiles and laughter never before seen on shore, and also local beer and wine (Hoorayyyy)! All jokes aside, we all had many fun moments while cheffing it up. We made some great meals with greens, garlic, and meats. Plus some seafood which was delicious. Jake had some great tomato sauces for these amazing potatoes Aleksander whipped up. They were divine. But still, overall a great time. Also, our driver was very nice. Group 1 saw a bunch of windmills throughout our drive. One of them was in the water, which was so cool. Then we had dinner about an hour early thanks to Avery’s caffeine addiction – amazing spaghetti and meatballs. Then we had fun after appreciations. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and carve some pumpkins.

Soggy Biker

1-3: Scenery and set-up
4: Fancy Ben and scary Brian
5: Master chef Aleksander
6: Saucy Jake
7; Saucy Jake and Aleksander’s potatoes with mojo Rojo sauce
8: Happiness with Amanda, Jake, and Sarah
9: Staff happiness
10: Cool and tasty squid
11: Diced veggies prepped for cooking
12: Brahm’s paella (excellent)
13: Group photo
14-15: Sophia and the jack-o-lanterns