Location: Underway

This morning the crew of Argo became the rescue crew of Argo by assisting a neighboring boat that was quickly filling with water. As the boat limped onto the dock, everyone aboard flew into action, pulling out the crash pump and having it on the dock ready to go. It seems like tasks like these are now second nature after so many times practicing what we would do in case of flooding. Within moments we were quickly emptying their bilges and eliminating their list to starboard. An hour later, with smiles on everyone’s faces and our neighbor’s future secure, we prepared ourselves for our longest passage to date. As we rolled the sail covers and ran the sheets, excitement grew amongst the crew for passage life and our next destination of Port Antonio, Jamaica. With 580 miles to go, this passage is expected to take us a little over four days. But as we get out of the lee of Curacao and the wind begins to fill in, it appears that this passage could be a fast one.