Location: Underway to Maldives

Today is our last full day of being underway, and we’re all itching to get to Male. While the amazing stars will be missed, the reefs of the Maldives have some more magic to offer us. We spent the majority of today primping our dear, sweet Argo for customs tomorrow morning. Everything below deck received generous bathing in cleaning spray, and two of our lucky crewmates had the honor of freezer diving in the galley. The rooms are all spick and span, looking as clean and organized as the day that we arrived on Argo three and a half weeks ago. This was the second day of our pork marathon featuring grilled veggies, naan, and bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin for lunch, followed by spaghetti with veggie and meat sauce and a side of stir-fried pork. Our efforts to devour a small farm were successful, but we felt the consequences later with meat sweats, possible clogged arteries, and unmistakably clogged heads. After twelve days of staring into the abyss, we all can’t wait to see the seven-foot-high Maldives in all their glory tomorrow.