Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Here we are once again; Im skipper for the final time.
First, I want to start by saying this experience has been incredible, and I am truly grateful for each crewmate and the memories made.
I titled this the end is near – but it is not bleak.
Today started when I went to wake up everyone, only to find that most were already awake in their beds, all responding, “is it time for the rescue scenario?”
As we all anticipated the scene- we were ready for action.
Hearing a scream from on deck, we knew it was that time once again.
This time we were organized, efficient and timely.
Dylan was a victim who was set on making waffles and continuously jumping off the boat.
Shona is playing a very convincing victim-
as sav helping her then falls down the stairs. (she was fine, she laughed, we had a moment.)
Overall we aced the course and saved our “victims.”
And now I can say we are rescue divers! Congrats crew!
Then with that, we were off to shore for breakfast.
And a lovely breakfast it was.
Caffeine was delightful as well as fresh fruit- you can never go wrong with fresh fruit.
We went on a quick shop around town, and Liz claims to have seen a boat from the acclaimed series below deck.
After this, I took part in our girl’s lunch. The food, hospitality, and music were amazing.
We savored our last girl’s lunch and had a moment of pure bliss and appreciation for everyone at the table.
We then danced our way out of the restaurant and to the beach.
Sand everywhere. Even more so when it started to rain. Raining so much to the point that some bought new outfits to wear for the rest of the day.
I-of course, rocked a cheesy island button-up.
We then hiked to a high place in which we watched the sunset together.
Hiked- or in mine and Arden’s case skipped back.
We saw a donkey and talked with some pretty cool locals
Joe and Liz had yet another debate about who would win in a fight.
We had a delicious supper. Thanks to some of the staff who stayed back.
Finished with a heartfelt squeeze.
And we finally found out the name of Joe’s pirate musical.
(ask Joe)

Now I stand here writing a blog I do not wish to finish as it means I am one step closer to the ending of our Vela journey.
The bags we once emptied three months ago now sit in the salon, waiting to be re-filled.
The same amount of space yet this time double the memories (and double the bleach stains)
That’s all, folks.
Love- your big skippa,
Grace K<3