Location: Slipway, Antigua

Day 90 brings about a lot of feelings. The first is “what in the world did we just do.” The thing with a Sea|mester voyage is you join for the adventure, exploration, and dream of sailing the seven seas. What you really get is an experience you can never recreate but always dream of, the realization that life can be so much more than you ever thought, and there are always people out there that feel the same way as you do. We realized this semester that people don’t always want to do their Dirty Work because there is always tomorrow to suck it. And that sometimes you have to realize that Stevie Nicks is a female from the hit Tik-Tok group Fleetwood Mack and just because you wear a Raspberry Beret doesn’t mean you can be so Vain. We started to realize over the last 90 days that the bright stars overhead, sailing over 6 knots, and the bioluminescence in the wash are more important than the number of likes you get on Instagram or how long your snap chat streak is. The people on board over the last 90 days are the only people in the world that understand someone yelling about using all the dishes in the galley, being a Fool in the Rains, or that the deckies did a bad job getting rid of the everything bagel seasoning.

We all will step into a different world after today, and we can only look back at this experience fondly and remember the nights and days spent with these weird and lovely people. We can not go back to the way we were before this trip because we have seen and done things that other people will not understand, even if we try to explain. Our lives will forever be intertwined in a strange dream-like haze that can not be lifted. I would like to personally thank every person that came onto this boat in February and found a home, a passion for living, and an appreciation for wrench fingers.

Photos: Too many to caption them all, but all from throughout the past 90 days…