Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Today started for me at 5 a.m. after an intense watch the night before. From 8 to 11 pm, Watch Team 3 and I were entertained by stunning imagery coming from a heat storm happening only miles away. This complemented by a seemingly endless train of cruise ships lit up like Christmas trees provided a very entertaining couple of hours. Once 5 am came, we were tired yet very excited knowing that we would be the watch team bringing the Argo into the dock at the Atlantis Resort. The first hour and a half were spent in anticipation, whereas the second stint of the watch was spent taking down sails and readying the boat for arrival. Before we knew it, a gargantuan array of buildings was looming over us, and we knew what we had stumbled upon. Not quite the lost city of Atlantis but was close enough and needless to say, we were pumped. After a quick boat appreciation, we were escorting our way into the marina, where our yacht was so large that we took up two boat spaces at the dock. After clearing customs, we each branched off into small groups and embarked on our own little set of adventures to see what Atlantis had to offer. The majority of us were transported back to our youth going down water slide after water slide, where one of them sent you through a glass tube surrounded by sharks. The countless pools, shops, facilities, and beaches were all utilized, making for an unbelievable day. After a very invigorating afternoon, we retired to the Argo for a night of pizza during dinner. This has been the day thus far, and as I write this, it comes with the excitement of knowing that we have a night out tonight at the Resort. The clubs and casinos better are ready because the crew of Argo is en route.