Location: Les Saintes

Bonjour Steph’s Mom,
I had a wonderful day! While much of the gang went for a sunrise hike, I opted to wake up with them but stay on the boat. This allowed me to finish most of my essay about the Leadership Challenge Course that Watch Team 3 dominated. Upon the return of the others, we ate breakfast. Shortly after was Ashlyn’s presentation about leadership and change. It was wonderful, as was the subsequent discussion. Then came the highlight of the day a trip to shore. We stormed the beaches of Les Saintes like they were Normandy, liberating croissants from their plexiglass dungeons. I consumed steak, french fries, cigarettes, and a milkshake for lunch (my body is a temple). After lunch, several of us went shopping. Hats, shirts, mugs, and a jean bag were among the purchases. Katie Palmer sure knows how to swipe an AmEx card.

Most importantly, one suave craftsman found my facial hair noteworthy. “Seeek mooostache” were his exact words. Following the happenings on shore, the crew of Ocean Star returned for a lovely dinner from Liana. After writing this, the A-Team (Kate, Katie, Aidan, and me) will embark on a night dive. Steph misses you.
Au revoir,
Nicholas Kebo

Photo 1: Me leering at steak
Photo 2: Me stealing Sean’s bike
Photo 3: Me walking
Photo 4: Me drinking a smoothie