Location: 28,18.8'N ; 061,40.94'W

Day 20!
Today, Brianne and Leoni’s Watch Team, Team 3, with Jack, James, Ines, Courtney, Alejandro, Cameron, Alexa, and myself (Anna!), decided to wear jeans and no shirts for watch this morning. Our watch team is the best team by far (I swear I’m totally unbiased;), we always have a good time. We enjoyed raising all of the sails, including the flying jib and the fisherman, then we practiced coiling the lines after putting up the sails. We also took cute pictures in our outfits and had a good laugh over everyone asking why we were all wearing jeans.
After our watch was finished, we enjoyed some lovely tacos prepared by Savanna and her sous chefs. Tacos are one of my very favorite meals, so I was happy about that. I’m also glad the seasickness is over so I can keep down my food and enjoy it. Then we had a seamanship class where we learned the basics of plotting our positions on charts! After class, we were surprised by a clean-shaven Tom who looked about 15 years younger. Before dinner, we dropped most of the sails, and now we’re powering through with the engine on. For dinner, we had pasta and brownies (shout out to Leoni), which we enjoyed before we did squeeze. The brownies were absolutely amazing. For our squeeze question, I asked everyone to give the person to their left a superlative. We got some hilarious responses and some very sweet ones too. Ines said I was “most likely to replace the sun and be the light in everyone’s lives,” which was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. It was so sweet. We left tonight on a good note. In honor of the Fourth of July and due to popular request, we sang the National Anthem. It was hilarious but fitting. Overall today was a great day. Hopefully, tomorrow will also be filled with laughs and good times. Goodnight! 🙂
Photo 1-Left to right: Alexa, Anna (me!), and Ines
Photo 2-L to R: James, Jack, Alejandro, Ines, Anna, and Alexa
Photo 3-L to R: James and Jack
P.S. Mom if you’re reading this, I love you!