Location: 03,30.86 N ; 046,58.52,W

I awoke today to the smell of six boys sharing an approximately eight by six-cabin, delightful. Carefully I climbed out of my sweat-soaked bunk and onto the floor below and quickly, as not to be late for watch duty, I grabbed my bib and fleece and made my way on deck. After our morning watch, we hit the hay or stayed up to study, and at 11:30, we were notified of our lunch of pizza rolls. Proceeding lunch, we decided that we were going to sail straight to Barbados and skip French Guyana. Right now, what that means is another six days onboard without landfall, and while this may seem like a daunting task with our ever-dwindling supplies of snacks and humid living quarters, it was the decision that we collectively decided. While another week onboard can feel like a challenge each day on the Argo feels as if it is shorter then the last. With our constant routine, the days can feel long, but the weeks can pass by faster then I ever would have expected. Our watches are filled with little excitements like being doused by a crashing wave, helming in rough waters, or committing yourself to a pushup challenge. The days can seem repetitive, but the little moments in between are what get us through.