Location: Marigot Harbour, St. Lucia

Climbing up the companion way was particularly pleasant this morning as we awoke with that fresh smell of a rain. The sun rose up over petit piton and greeted us with a new day. First up, a bit of Oceanography knowledge with Ivy on deck. Afterwards, we cleared the deck, stowed the dive gear back down in the laz and said our farewells to the majestic Pitons. Now that our sexy lady Ocean Star was looking good again, we raised hook, cast off our stern line (attached to a palm tree on shore) and then we were off! Continuing our journey north as we headed up luscious green coast of St. Lucia for about 7 miles, where we then ducked into Marigot Harbour. Here we sit pretty on a mooring ball amongst all the other cruisers and yachties alike. After a bit of shore exploration the crew found some shore showers and laundry facilities to get their “so fresh and so clean” on. At the moment, we all are anxiously awaiting Noah and Ivy’s special Chili concoction for dinner. Post dinner we plan to head into a little local hot spot named Doolittle’s, so named because it was a set for the original Dr. Doolittle film!