Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

The day started in Falmouth harbor, anchored next to Vela as we raised their ensign that we had stolen the previous night as we ate our breakfast. After cleanup, we went for one last swim in the Caribbean as a crew and dragged our captain in with us by force. He managed to keep 5 of us from throwing him overboard for a solid 7 minutes, but we got him over nevertheless. After our swim, we moved back to where everything started and docked in Antigua slipway. We had our final cooked meal out of the galley for lunch as we did our Mega BA, cleaning every last inch of Ocean Star to a Kris Stevenson standard, which took most of the day. For dinner, we went to a restaurant named Trappas and shared drinks and memories of the last 79 days together. This was truly a life-changing experience for every one of us, and there is no one else I would’ve wanted to have spent it with.

photo 1: The crew eating dinner at Trappas
photo 2: Kebo and the Bear on their way to Trappas
photo 3: Aidan trying to steal Waring’s hammock
photo 4: Mia and Waring at the dingy dock
photo 5: Dani and Ashlyn at dinner
photo 6: Sidney and Sean at the dingy dock