Location: 28*00,413'N 68*09,887'W

At this point, all the crew has fully embraced the routine on passage life and the comfort the daily routine provides. Keeping a rolling watch can be hard at times when you have to wake up at midnight to start your night shift, but it’s in these moments the groups get to truly bond and create friendships that stretch across the globe. Nothing is more magical than helming the boat under full sail, navigating by the stars while a cascade of shooting stars whizz by.
Today we enjoyed a slower pace of life, tucked up below deck where we watched two movies; the first was for marine biology and called chasing coral. The film highlights the disheartening future of dying coral due to climate change and the sea warming. It truly is an eye-opening view. After that, we finished watching White squall in leadership. This movie has many similarities to life on board and even features some of the locations we already visited, which was quite cool.
We are all excited to reach Bermuda and start our rescue dive course.