Location: San Blas Islands, Panama

The day began with a master mola maker and assistant paddling up to Argo with an amazing collection of local tapestries for sale. After a bit of present shopping, it was time for another relaxing free day in the San Blas Islands. Rescue Divers in training practiced throwing life rings to each other off the side of the boat. A few keen workout individuals had a shallow underwater running race. Others set up the boom swing to once again fling themselves off the side of Argo. While another few read books in hammocks on the beach. The topper, though, was the treasure hunt dutifully organized by Christian, which sent a crew of six people between two different islands on a hunt for Blackbeard’s long-lost treasure. Who would have thought Blackbeard would bury vouchers for placing one personal drink in the fridge? The evening wrapped up with passage prep as Argo and her crew prepared to sail the remaining 75 miles of the Caribbean Sea in order to be at the entrance of the Panama Canal in time for our transit. Farewell, Caribbean. It’s been a blast.