Location: St Georges

It was all hands on deck at 7:30 this morning, as we savored another delicious take on scrambled eggs. After breakfast, we boarded a taxi that took us on a winding trip up to the Mount Qua Qua trailhead. Though initially warned about potential mud, no one could have predicted the onslaught to come. We trudged through the gooey mess as best we could, but soon many people were opting for bare feet as shoes were slipping off into the heavy mud. Though the mud never ceased, the views became increasingly beautiful as we ascended the mountain. The plant life we encountered was extremely lush and created a deceptive barrier to the steep slopes we were hiking next to. We felt relieved upon reaching the summit but quickly found ourselves walking back. After reaching the bottom, we had lunch by the lake, which was created by volcanic activity. Next on the agenda was the Seven Sisters waterfall. We took a 25-minute walk to the falls and met Warren, a gentleman who offered to guide us through the falls. We climbed a steep path to the beginning of the falls, and Warren showed us the proper way to jump to avoid rocks. The first few jumps were short but fun, and the water was extremely refreshing. The last jump was the most daunting of them all, being at least 35 feet high. One by one, we stepped up and leaped into the cool water below. Some even conquered their fear of heights.