Location: Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Today was a great day to have a great day. Head chef Brian started us off strong with Nutella breakfast pizza that was DELICIOUS!! Our relatively chill day got started with bomb oceanography presentations from Mella, Andrew, and Margaux. Then we had a very pleasant surprise from the laundry fairy, and this time it wasn’t held hostage. After the laundry break, we resumed Oceanography class with Sam from staff. Then we were all in astonishment at the incredibly vibrant rainbow that greeted us as we walked up the companionway after Oceanography, and the best part was that it ended on the famous turf bridge!! The rest of the morning was free reign until it was time for Bry Guy’s Plastered Nachos for lunch. After lunch, it was NavMaster time with none other than…SMASH! Now while some of us were struggling a bit with which direction was Northeast, others were having a debate on which mnemonic device is valid to use to remember our compass rose. Some ranging from the classic Never Eat Soggy Waffles and others a little more creative with Never Explode Santa’s Workshop. And to top off the day, Brian and his Sous Chefs whipped up an amazing comfort meal of Chicken Tuggies, a generous cross between tenders and nuggets, and fries! However, the post-dinner appreciations were the best part of the night. It was great to hear all the amazing things that we each love about the person next to us.

Until next time,
This is Jimmy Dean, over and out (Sorry Smash)

Pictured: Rainbow; Sarah, Brian, and Liam having fun during cleanup; more shots from the hike yesterday.