Location: Underway to Gili

The day began at 00:00 hours, as watch team three took to the deck. The lights of Kumai had already faded a stern, though our minds were still filled with rich memories from the two previous incredible days. Our first task was to set sails. With teams of two or more sweating (the hard work of pulling each sail up), each halyard and cries of two-six up went the main and the staysails. Our speed climbed above six knots, and Argo’s bow began to cut through the growing swell as we left the lee of Borneo. Passage life had resumed! The early hours passed quickly with discussions of orangutans and the jungles of Borneo, and our path south toward Gili was illuminated by shooting stars above and local fishing boats on the horizon. At daybreak, we were once again on our own among the swells. A happy and comfortable feeling arose among the crew as the increasingly familiar tasks of standing watch and attending class at sea resumed.