Location: Underway To Grenada

Yesterday evening we raised our four sails and attempted to sail off into the sunset. Unfortunately, the wind had other ideas. We drifted along the shore, watching the huge full moon rise over Nevis Peak, adjusting our sails and course to try to pick up the nearly non-existent wind. Jack and the rest of Watch Team 1 patiently waited out the calm, determined to sail the whole way to Grenada, if at all possible. At about 19:30, we finally left the land behind and caught the wind. And did we catch it! Much of our journey thus far, we have been traveling on a port tack at more than 7 knots, and if we continue at our current pace, we may arrive 12 or more hours ahead of schedule. This is good news for those shipmates who don’t particularly enjoy cooking and doing dishes while Ocean Star heels up to 30 degrees to her starboard side. Luckily, nobody has been feeling very sick in this passage. We’ve now completed our first twenty-four hours of watches, spending three hours on then six hours off. While on watch, we take turns taking the helm, watching for traffic, checking the boat, and plotting our position. We also see sunrises and sunsets, watch the progress of the moon across the sky, navigate by the stars, look for flying fish leaping out of our path, and listen for fish caught on the lines. Watch is time for peaceful reflection, insightful conversations, or word games to keep us alert. We’re excited to see what adventures Grenada holds for us, but we’ll miss our watery world and the rhythm of the seas.