Location: Dominica

This morning came early as the crew was up and on the dock waiting for the infamous SeaCat before seven-thirty. Our local guide, a colorful and enthusiastic Dominican named Octavius but who goes by the name SeaCat dropped the nine of us off at the mouth of the Indian River with two river guides with equally creative names: Mosquito and Spaghetti. We then rowed up the river while simultaneously taking pictures and water samples for our oceanography lab. When the river became too shallow to continue, a bamboo bar appeared out of the jungle, and we ordered fresh passion fruit juice and talked about the evening’s calypso contest with our guides. After finishing our juices, we rowed back down the river, where we were reunited with SeaCat, who immediately began his portion of the tour by driving us through the center of Dominica’s busiest market. The day was amazing and filled with waterfall swimming, fresh fruit-eating, and Carib territory exploring. At the end of such a perfect day, the crew ate dinner at a local cafe named The Green Flash, where we reflected on the day. A group of 50 bananas is now on the chart house’s top tangible memory of the day.