Location: Underway to the Marquesas

It’s been another lovely day for the crew of Argo as we make our way across the Pacific toward French Polynesia. The sun is shining (sometimes a bit too hot at times), but we’ve had steady winds and following seas, which has made the ride nice and smooth. Everyone has settled in to the steady rhythm of passage and when not on watch you can find various members of the crew working on projects in the saloon, playing games, relaxing with a good book or TV series or finding a bit of shade behind the sails on deck. After lunch, when we had the chance to all gather together for the day, we had an oceanography class followed by some chartwork practice in MTE and then the professional skipper training class talked about how ships are constructed. The day finished off with a delicious beef stronganoff cooked by an all staff chef crew. As Argo sails off into the sunset- we are actually headed due west- we reflect on the simplicity of passage life and feel lucky to have left the shore side distractions behind us.