Location: Malolo Island, Fiji

Today was the first day of honest-to-goodness diving. Certified divers hopped in the water for their first checkout/fun dives. Lots of emo nemos were seen, which are proving to be the boat’s favorite fish. Their common name is actually humbug dascyllus, as per the boat’s fish ID booksmuch less fun, in my opinion. The intro divers breathe underwater for the first time tomorrow, and it seems like they’re all very ready. They spent the latter part of the day learning to assemble their gear. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all cooked by today’s lovely head chef, captain Tim, and his team of helpers. We had a classic English breakfast in the morning, followed by a Moroccan lunch featuring couscous, olives, and cucumber and an incredible shepherd’s pie for dinner. All the boys decided to wear their formal attire to dinner (Hawaiian shirts)hopefully, the first of many Aloha Wednesdays to come. The most notable part of the day was the sunset. Just before dinner, the sky decided to put a show on and turned a shade of orange that is hard to describe. Every day on this boat just gets better, and it seems that the crew is all becoming fast friends. I am thankful to be here and thankful to everyone around me for being the people they are.

E and “the meg” posing while I try to get a pic of the intro divers setting up gear.
Intro divers setting up gear
Annie winning the race to set up gear
Pre checkout dive setup