Location: Saba

Hi everyone,
It’s me, Selin, and welcome to day 69 here in Saba!
We had quite a busy day today, starting off with an oceanography Quiz. Once all the quiz papers were handed in, we packed our bags, making sure that all our stuff was prevented from getting wet. With packed bags and a good attitude, we headed onto shore with the dinghy. This was no normal dinghy drop-off. We headed towards the rocky beach with the dinghy as close as possible while large waves were pushing us towards the shore. To prevent the dinghy from scraping on the boulders, we jumped off the boat with our backpacks above our heads and swam with all the power we had in our legs towards the shore. As our feet touched the sandy bottom, it was time to sprint toward the upper side of the beach, away from the high waves, which were very eager to pull us back into the ocean and and then back towards the beach. By now, we have had quite a few wet entries and have become quite the ocean whisperers, so we know when to jump and run 🙂 All backpacks but one made it safely to shore. On the beach, we quickly put our shoes on and jumped over a few big round rocks to head towards the grand and steep concrete stairs that lead us all the way up from the beachfront to the first town in Saba called Bottom. I know the name is quite funny. Bottom is a beautiful small town between two of Saba’s tallest mountains. It consists of small houses which are all painted white and have green windows. They even have a school of medicine here, so momanddad if med school in Germany doesn’t work out, you’ll know where to find me.
For all the hikers out there who love to hike steep inclines, the following hike is definitely for you. Through Bottom, we started hiking towards our destination town on the windward side of the island called Windward (no joke). We started the hike following a pretty steep street. Around the corner, a small sign signalized the start of the trail towards Windward. What a beautiful trail it was. It started off with beautiful bougainvillea and palms, but as we went further up the path the vegetation changed into a rainforest with elephant ear plants everywhere. You can see a size comparison with one of their leaves and my hand in the blog pics 😉 Absolutely breathtaking; I wanted to look at each and every plant.

Close to the entrance of Windward two roads separated into the direction of town and towards the highest peak of the Netherlands (Since Saba is part of Dutchland). Allie K, Miguel, Lucas, and Thomas decided to take up the hike and become the tallest people in the whole Netherlands! Congrats guys! How’s the air up there? Meanwhile, the rest of the group took the path towards town past a lovely brown bull and an adorable pink house that was for sale! If anyone’s interested, let me know 🙂 As we went into town, we headed straight for a restaurant where we had some sandwiches, french fries, which Alaina was very looking forward to, and fresh juices. The mango juice I had was incomparable to anything that I’d ever had before. All fueled up, and with a little bit of time on Wifi, we headed off to Jobean’s Beads shop. Jobean is a lovely lady who has been living on the island for quite some time now and has a passion for making small glass sculptures, beads, necklaces, etc. Her store is right inside her atelier, so you can walk along her working station and see how all the crafts are made with just a torch and lots of colorful glass pipes that melt onto one another. Shoutout to Jobean for letting us all have a go at making our own beads and learning the roots of glass art. We all loved it, and I definitely want to do it again. She also showed us how to make little sculptures onto beads in the shape of a frog. I volunteered to be her teacher’s assistant for the demo, and as a gift, she gifted me the glass frog 🙂 I’m sooo looking forward to showing my friends and family. We also got to cuddle with her little dog, called Pirate, which only had one eye. Once bead class was over, it was time to shop, which we all took very seriously. With beads in our bags, we hurried over to the Saba Dive Shop, where we got some colorful stickers and some funny dive merch.
To end our shore day, we took the most typical form of transportation here in Saba: hitchhiking. A guy called Anthony was so kind as to offer us a lift back to the bottom, and five girls squeezed into the back of his car. He told us a bit about what made him leave his home, St. Mateen, and move to Saba, where there is little to no crime, and people are very friendly. He also introduced us to his music, which was right Allie J’s alley. So, shoutout to Anthony! We learned a lot from you during such a short trip. Back in Bottom, we took the stairs back down to the beach, where we said hello to a goat and found out that Olivia and Allie K are quite good at speaking Goat.
One quick dinghy trip later (almost dry, I might add), we quickly pepped for our passage tomorrow and started on boat showers while watching the sunset. Dinner for tonight was delicious tacos by head chef Allie J and sous chef Corinne. Thanks, girls!

Our squeeze question of today was: if you could live on another planet, which one would it be, and what would you bring along?

As were are coming to the end of program 🙁 We have a lot of assignments due, which I will get a crack on now 🙂

Thank you so much for checking in on the blog!

Until next time! Dui!


Aile Aile kucuk aile! Yakinda gorusuruz! Sinimini ich freu mich so sehr dich bald zu sehen! Ich kann es kaum erwarten 🙂