Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

Morning greeted us with the delicious smell of apple crumble for breakfast which was prepared for us by the Head chef of the day, Tom. Other than the breakfast, the day proceeded with the expectation of a test for Marine biology as well as nasal invasions courtesy of the ongoing plague affecting the world. Moreover, due to a delay that had taken place ashore, it allowed all of the shipmates to get some extra time in studying before we were required ashore. Ideally, everything preceded fairly accordingly after the COVID screenings were completed. While waiting, Anthony, Dre, Charlie, Hannah, Katie, Ethan, and myself decided to play some games which everyone found most enjoyable. Luckily after returning, we were able to get in an extra hour of free time before the test. Unsurprisingly lunch too turned out to be just as big a success as breakfast and was quickly devoured by all aboard. Vast amounts of morale remain over each individual’s prospective grades, and I, too, am hopeful that my studying paid off. Sonnet was especially diligent in her studies and believed that she may be one of the few people who aced the test along with Colm. Yearning for more education, we continued our lesson with a rousing class of leadership, which allowed us to dissect each of our own weaknesses and how to look upon them in a new light. Oceanography proceeded with a review of some upcoming group assignments and a close-up look at a jellyfish (Angelica), a baby shrimp (Shamus), and a ctenophore (Theo). Unsurprisingly, dinner turned out to be an even bigger success amongst the crew as we were treated to mac n cheese and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Photo 1:Maritime Neighbors
Photo 2: Sunset Aboard Vela
Photo 3: Welcome to Saint Vincent
Photo 4: This dude named Charlie
Photo 5: Distant Dre
Photo 6: Watchful Bennitt
Photo 7: Good Company
Photo 8: Sunset tanker
Photo 9: Meerkat Calum