Location: Long Bay, BVI

I was woken up around 6:15 this morning for a scuba dive test. I was so tired because of the late-night conversations the night prior that I had to force myself out of bed. During this dive, I saw some vibrant fish and some sea urchins with super long spikes! As well as the water was just the right temperature:).
This morning we were located in Peter Island (GHP), and today was the first time we put up the sails! Today we learned about all of the sailing equipment and lines and their purpose. We sailed to Mountain Point, right next to dog island (which I heard has super cute dogs on it, I want to sneak off and see if it’s true for myself, but due to the pandemic, we are still stuck in quarantine until we are cleared by customs). It has been super hot today, and I’ve been trying to cover up to avoid a nasty sunburn. It did start raining today, but I was happy about it because it meant I got to use my new rain jacket as well as due to the rain we had to eat down below while we were underway. This made eating quite the hassle because you had to hold onto your plate, or else it was going to slide away due to the boat rocking.
At the moment, everyone is taking an ocean shower, so that’s where I’m headed now. Ocean showers have to be one of my favorite parts of this whole trip, so I cant miss that.
Thanks for checking in on Vela and our adventures,
Courtney F