Location: Horta, Azores

After waking up bright and early, the crew scattered to do a citywide scavenger hunt as part of our leadership module. In our watch teams, we scoured the town for clues to answers to our treasure hunt questions. We shall be analyzing how our teams worked together in our next leadership essay. After a long day’s walk around town, we all finally settled down for a dinner onshore. We were all in high spirits and enjoyed a live ukulele playing in the restaurant. We truly enjoyed our last full day on land for the upcoming eleven days. As we are soon to be leaving the Azores, I look back on the fun memories we made here. We climbed up tall heights, explored the unknown foreign land to find exciting new places, ate delicious food, and admired the beautiful views.

We are all looking forward to our next adventure!

Photos of Watch team 3 enjoying our last group activity together around town! Jack, James, Courtney, Alexa, Ines, Anna, Ale, and Myself