Location: Underway to Saba

Hello once again, avid blog readers!

Vela is officially back underway in the Bermuda triangle, and guess what? We’ve already sailed through the infamous ~Front~ without 3 days of collective seasick comatose! Does this mean we finally have our sea legs? By day 68.. I’ll take it.

In our new watch teams, we battled a long night of rain and winds, soaking our foul weather gear. This gear can now be found hanging in the heads: the journey to pee was aptly described by Jordan as “wading through the Jungle.” In the midst of this wet, cold front chaos, my watch team (Watch Team 1/Fun) experienced an incredible premonition of the warm weather to come when an unusually warm gust blew through our sails during the 8-12 pm shift last night. It was only a momentary break in the action, but it was memorable enough to be both Smash’s and Kantie’s appreciation for today. And by the time Team 1 was awoken for our morning shift, the rain had subsided, and we were reunited with the sun! Won’t mind seeing the back of ya, Front!

The whole crew can agree that the real MVPs for the day were Head Chef Gregory and Souses Meghan and Maddie, who treated us to a wonderful world tour during mealtimes today – fresh Caprese sandwiches for lunch and chicken fajitas (fah – djeye – tahs) and guacamole for dinner. The delicious sustenance we all needed to get back into the swing of passage!

Other than that, we had Marine Biology this afternoon, and Adelaide taught us all about the desert of the sea – the open ocean. Directly afterward, we watched another Blue Planet II (or Unsen Blauer Planet, as Leoni’s disk says) episode on the same topic. Though the documentary series was thrilling as always, the early-passage sleep deprivation was clearly taking a toll; we were gifted a study hall for the rest of the afternoon. It was much appreciated.

Until next time, family and friends of Vela!

Image 1: Galley King and Queens Greg, Meg, Maddie
Image 2: Deckie crew (Colm, Sonnet, Dre) and Val on Helm
Image 3: Shocking green filter feat. Katelyn and Charlie