Location: Dominica

This is a day i have long been awaiting. Early in the mourn we met up with a dude by the name of Sea Cat. This guy knows where the fruit it is at on this island so he took us around and showed us the how to. Our first stop was at a citrus farm where we ended up leaving with a huge sack filled with grapefruits, oranges, and tangerines. We stop to have lunch on a nice beach. He takes us through Caribbean country were we ate some breadfruit and chicken as well as some freshly prepared chocolate. While we are driving we stop around and picked up a couple of bags of passion fruit and a full bushel of bananas. Sea Cat wraps up our day by taking us to a few waterfalls. The first is alright but the second is down right magnificent. Two waterfalls are beside each other. We venture up one only to face what feel like 30 knot winds and needle like spray. It was so fun gathering the whole crew under the one safe cove at once. Later we relaxed in the hot springs before heading home to O-Star