Location: Underway to Antigua

0100 – I am woken up by the Chief Mate, Mia, to meet with the Skipper, Kate, and her in the chart house. It seems we have veered quite a bit from the course we originally set. As the Chief Navigator, it is my responsibility to consult with Kate about the best course of action to take, given the situation. We chat for a bit, staring at the screen, trying to make a decision about what to do. Ultimately, we decided to stay on course (heading southeast) as opposed to veering east to try and make it back to the planned course. I go to sleep.

0300 – Watch Team 3 begins its 0300 – 0600 watch. In these three hours, we maintain course, and I speak roughly seven words in total. Also, the jib is now up. The sunrise is accompanied by a pod of dolphins as Watch Team 3 is relieved by Watch Team 1. I go to sleep.

1200 – Lunch is served, and Watch Team 3 begins its 1200 – 1500 watch. Just prior to Watch Team 3’s watch, Watch Team 2 tacked to avoid a squall. We are now heading north, and the wind is now coming from the east (from departure until 1200, it was coming from the northeast). Around 1300, Kate begins to consider our next tack while I am at the helm and the crew is cleaning up from lunch. Kate asks when I think we should tack, and I advise her to go as far north as possible so that we can set course for the southeast and sail on a close reach to our waypoint just south of Falmouth Harbor in Antigua. She concurs.

1400 – We tack. We try to sail on a close reach to the southeast. Ocean Star does not want to go on a close reach. We sail on a beam reach to the south.

1700 – Kate calls me to the chart house to discuss the sailing plan for the remainder of the trip. We have many options. To summarize, here are the two general plans that were considered: have Chief Engineer Alexis Markakis turn the engine on, turn upwind, and set course directly for Falmouth Harbor or maintain course, tack to the south of Montserrat, and then head towards Falmouth Harbor. In the midst of this decision, Kate says, “I think we should sail.” Mia, Katie, and I agree: “This is what we signed up for.”

1921 – We are still headed south. The plan is to tack when we are south of Montserrat (ETA 2100). I go to sleep.

Photo 1: Leadership team. From left to right: Katie Palmer (Mate), Mia Bilezikian (Chief Mate), Kate Ryan (Skipper), Nicholas Kebo (Chief Navigator and author), Alexis Markakis (Chief Engineer).

Photo 2: We’ll be waiting for you, Vela.

Photo 3: Last (unless something goes terribly awry) sunset seen from Ocean Star while underway.

Photo 4: Squidney looks at dolphins.

Photo 5: Some has-been who used to have Kate’s job.