Location: Cairns, Australia

Today at 3:30 am, the crew of Argo could be found on the dock of Marlin Marina, saying their goodbyes with tears in our eyes as the first taxi ride of Argonauts departed for the airport. Farewells are never easy, but for every person on board, it was said with a smile on our faces as this adventure has created a family out of 30 strangers, made a boat of only 112 feet long a place to call home, and put a drive in our souls to travel and explore the world around us. It seems only appropriate to end our final blog with a poem written by our very own Jack Pickering. “Traveling Soul, I have a traveling soul with no place to go, Just trying to see what’s there. My return home stands in the wait, for there is far more reason to stay, To go forth and wander this world, To live free and have no worries. This is how we were meant to live, But this hurried life makes it hard to see what’s around us. Look around and see the greatness of this place, For, in this place, I see a purpose that lies beyond what is there. The world unknown is what brings me closer to travel, And this is what my soul wishes to bear. I’ll always be a traveler looking for my next voyage, For there is far more to see, and this is just the beginning.”