Location: Denarau, Viti Levu, Fiji

After a nice relaxing post-arrival day yesterday, we quickly got into the daunting task of giving Argo her long-awaited bath. I think this was the first BA that everyone could not wait to get into, and we spent all day cleaning and organizing every square inch, and there is still much more to go. This was all fueled by some of Trevor’s famous chocolate chip pancakes that he woke up at 4 in the morning to make, including a mega pancake just for Ezra and some other impulsive mega pancakes. Ezra also woke up early to make the rest of his own birthday breakfast. BA lasted all day, so we definitely enjoyed the jump-in shower at the end of the day even more than usual. There was no wind, and our anchorage is inside a lagoon, making the water so calm it seemed like Argo was sitting in a massive bathtub, perfect for a big BA. After showers, we all gathered on the bow to watch the sunset. Some of us chose to watch upside down hanging from the bowsprit. Then finally, Ezra’s own birthday dinner, mini hot dogs, potatoes, and brownies… not a combination you would want to eat too much of as some of us found out… For squeeze, we did the classic what’s your favorite memory with the birthday person and also just for Ezra’s “What’s an Ezra type question to ask?”. It was really fun to hear all the deep questions people came up with and their favorite memories with him because many people brought up some things from earlier on in the trip. Right before bed, we all rushed to finish up our group oceanography projects and hung out on the martingale. Overall, another great day on Argo.


Pictured: Trevor and the pink super moon; Trevor and me with our mega pancake; dinner time; Ezra enjoying his birthday mega pancake; Marina on the bowsprit; Ezra, Sam, and Frankie- the galley squad; Happy birthday, Ezra!